Document Scanning and ScanBack

Document Scanning Services for Companies in Kent, Sussex, Surrey and London

ScanBack – email delivery of scanned archived documents to your desktop

To make the most of today’s powerful business applications all organisations will benefit by converting paper-based information from hard copy to digital files through document scanning.

It is impossible to know which of your archived files you will need access to in the future.
Instead of undertaking the laborious and expensive task of document scanning all your archived files, you can save time and money by utilising the ScanBack service offered by CDS. This service enables you to retrieve files by email rather than in hard copy.

When a file is requested, we will scan and securely email the file to you in Portable Document Format (PDF – read with Adobe Acrobat Reader).

Benefits of Using ScanBack:

  • Information management will become more efficient and less time-consuming, empowering your organisation to save money, time and space through the digital distribution, storage and access of information.
  • Enjoy instant access to your records. With our on demand document scanning service, we will email your file/s to you within 90 minutes.
  • Avoid the expense and electronic clutter caused by document scanning all your archived files, many of which you may never need access to before they are due to be destroyed.
  • Simply store your files at a much lower cost than document scanning until they are due for secure destruction.

The simple process is as follows:

  • Request a file by email, fax or phone.
  • The relevant file is picked from the records centre
  • The documents are then scanned using our advanced 50ppm scanner and image-perfection software
  • Finally the file is securely emailed to the client in Portable Document Format (PDF – read with Adobe Acrobat Reader).

Bulk Document Scanning Projects

CDS offer a bulk document scanning service for small to medium quantities of archive material (maximum 50 boxes). Please call or email for a quotation.